Friday, January 27, 2012

Good Day to Run

2012 is the year of the Olympic games. In London! Since I won't be making the trip across the pond this summer, I attended the US Olympic Marathon Trials in Houston w my friend, Amy.

The top 3 men and women make up the US team. The men averaged a 5:50/mile pace and the women weren't far behind with a 6:20/mile pace. It was SO cool to see these athletes run 26.2 miles to compete for spots on the Olympic team. Just WOW!

The reason I really went to Houston was to cheer on a friend as she ran the Houston Marathon. She was SO sweet to invite me to spend the weekend with her.
The next day I cheered on my aforementioned friend, Amy, as she ran her 9th full marathon! I made some signs and rooted her own as she pounded the pavement for 26.2 miles.

Pre-race pic

I know she wasn't completely impressed with her time, but I am thrilled for her! Anybody that can run 26.2 sweaty miles is awesome in my book. I'm so proud of Amy for the woman that she is and the incredible athlete she has become. Seriously, she trains harder and runs with so much heart that it's inspiring.

Even Big Bird runs marathons. Can you imagine running that far in that suit? I bet he was dying under there!

During some of our down time we partook in some of the fun tents inside Olympic Village.

Don't we look like power lifters?

Fun weekend with a fun friend! Congrats on your 9th race, Amy!

Are You Ready For Some Football?

T and I headed to Houston to ring in 2012 with our cousins, Stacy, Kellye, Scott, and Emily Brown. As you will see below, we always have fun when we visit the Brown's!!

Emily organizing a group pic
 This is what happens when Emily hijacks your phone.

On new years day, we were invited to go with Stacy and Kellye to watch the Texans play. I was pumped. It was my first EVER NFL game. I'll be honest, I'm not a huge NFL fan (I mostly prefer collegiate sports) but if I'm offered free tickets I won't turn it down.

Our seats were awesome. We were own the 15 yard line and about 13 rows up! 

Halftime fun with Kellye

The Riley's at halftime.

This shows just how close we were!

Stacy, Kellye, and Trav

Told ya our seats were up close and personal. so neat!

Kellye and I are tough stuff.

 My BFF, Erin (or Ernie as I call her) at the post-game tailgate. Read her blog if you like good humor and clever cartoons. Seriously, you'll thank me later.

After the post-game tailgating we headed to Stacy and Kellye's and played polish horseshoes. Haven't heard of it? Neither had I.  It's a game Stephen and Erin introduced us to and it is So. Much. Fun. I have no pics of us actually playing, but I did snap some pics of us playing with Erin and Stephen's precious new puppy, Henry.

Stephen and Erin

Kellye and Henry

 Rebecca and Henry

 And that is how we ended 2011 and said hello to 2012! So thankful for the many blessings, peace, and health in our lives.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Remember The Alamo

Baylor defended the Alamo by beating the Washington in the Valero Alamo Bowl. Mom and Dad were gracious enough to buy all of us tickets, and we got to spend a wonderful night together and root the bears to their first 10 win season in what feels like FOREVER.

Best parents EVER loving time with their Grandson.

Kourtny, Jackson, and Trent

This guy did SO well during the game and managed to stay awake the ENTIRE game. He's a true Bear fan.

 Want chills? Listen to Lee Greenwood sing 'God Bless the U.S.A' and the National Anthem

RG3's last time to run out on the field in his Baylor uniform.

My main squeeze. Not the best picture, but I sure do love my red bearded hubs.

Baylor proud crowd. Green and Gold was everywhere!

I can officially say that I have been to every Baylor bowl game since 1981. I know it's not saying much, but I'm proud of my love for the green and gold. 

I was sad to see this historical season come to an end, but it was something I'll never forget. I even got Travis (who is a Baylor grad) to admit to officially being a Baylor fan. Go Bears Go!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Here Comes Santa Claus

I'm a little behind in my blogging, but fret no more because I'm about to blog my little heart out.

A week before Christmas my brother, Trent, and his super fabulous wife, Kourtny, and our precious nephew, Jackson, came to visit us for a weekend! This was there first trip to Boerne and to see our house.

I wasn't so good at capturing any group pictures, but I did fill my quota of nephew pictures. I just can't get enough of Jackson. Did y'all know that he's the world's cutest and smartest little boy? I bet you also didn't realize that he will be 2 in May!!! Where did the time go??

Anyways, we spent the weekend sleeping in, playing with our dogs, meeting friends to see Santa for the 1st time, and seeing Uncle Travis in an awesome Christmas production our church  put on.

Sweet Jackson in his overalls his cool Aunt and Uncle gave him.

Meeting Santa for the 1st time was a little overwhelming for the little man. That's his friend, Jake, that went with us.
 Still hating Santa, but it's too funny not to post.
 Even having dad in his lap isn't helping.
 Sweet Jake riding the reindeer at Bass Pro Shops. Best part: it's FREE!

 Playing on the 4 wheeler was a lot more fun than seeing scary Santa!
Our church put on a fabulous Christmas production that was a drive-thru story telling of Christ's life in 8 different scenes. Each car was given a CD that narrated the story as you drove thru each scene. Travis had the privilege of portraying Jesus (one of 4 for his scene) in scene 6 that showed Jesus being tortured on the way to being crucified. It was a really powerful production that reached over 1700 people in the Boerne community.
Here's a little clip of Travis. He's the one carrying the cross. I know it's hard to see, but tilt your head sideways for a few seconds and you can see my little handsome actor at work :) I am so very proud of him for taking on this role at our new church. He was able to make some new friends and I think he really enjoyed it.

The weekend came to a sad end when Trent, Kourtny, and Jackson had to leave but we had a wonderful visit!

I have zero pictures from Christmas, but we had an awesome time here in Boerne/San Antonio with the Riley clan AND my parents came down, too! It was so fun having both sets of families together on my favorite holiday of the year. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful parents and we all had a great Christmas together!
T and I realized it was our first time since college that we didn't have to pack/travel for a holiday. It was SO nice to stay at home. What a difference it makes!