Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Go Tell It On The Mountain

FBC Boerne puts on a drive-thru storytelling of Jesus' life each winter called Celebrate Christmas.
You're given a CD as you arrive and it narrates the scenes as you drive thru.
Travis has participated in this production for 2 years now and has been portraying Jesus in the 'Carrying the Cross' scene. I think he does an outstanding job.

3 wise men

Manger scene

Nicodemus and Jesus

Woman and the well

Teaching children

Healing the sick

The Last Supper

YouTube Video

At the cross

He is RISEN!!

The church had a wonderful turnout and I think they said 7 people were saved and became believers! Isn't God amazing?!

May you and your family celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Happy Birthday, Jesus!!

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Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Horse Is A Horse, Of Course, Of Course

Y'all, I couldn't make this up if I tried, but I opened our front door Friday morning to go feed our horses and Sloan (Trav's horse) was ON our front porch.

By on our front porch I don't mean just thinking about it, home girl had fully committed and got her entire 1,100 lb 4-hooved self onto the porch.

As soon as Sloan heard me open the shed door( where the hay is kept) she exited the porch and came and ate her breakfast.

That folks, is what Life with the Riley's is all about.

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Life In The Fast Line

It's about time I catch up on blogging! We have been busy, busy, busy with several trips to Waco, watching Baylor dominate some BIG football games, celebrating my mom's 60th Birthday, Thanksgiving, a night out with my BFF and her hubs, cutting down our Christmas tree, and having our cousins visit and experience the Boerne Dickens on Main event! It makes me tired just writing that out.

Be warned: you're about to be overloaded with pictures!

Girls weekend in Waco with my cousin, Emily, and great friend, Rebecca.

George's. yum.

Back in Waco for another weekend with family and friends

Travis and I with Karlie. Her parents are some of our favorites.

Kinsey trying out the rocking horse I used as child.

Power Washing the back porch. Seriously, why didn't anybody ever tell me this was so fun? I LOVED it.

Homecoming 2012!

Mom's 60th birthday. Dad put on a great party and let Kourtny and I do all the decorating. We had 50 people come and celebrate my wonderful mom! We had a blast and everything turned out like we had planned.

For school we had to participate in a Mass Casualty Practice. We got transported to various hospitals around SA and were given a card (seen below) listing our symptoms we were to act out for hospital staff to properly diagnose

Thanksgiving with the Riley's. I tried a new recipe from Southern Living: Black Bottom Pumpkin Pie. It was amazing!

Christmas tree farm:

BFF time in Boerne:

Watching Baylor beat K State and Tech at the Novak House of Fun. We love going to their house and watching the games with them!

Cousin visit!

Kellye made us this awesome wreath!

And that's it! All caught up.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Carnivorous Habits

A couple of weeks ago we headed up 281 to Johnson City with some new friends, Blake and Amanda Farrar, to attend the Blanco County Wild Game Cookoff.

Oh my stars. There was meat everywhere and it was oh. So. Good. There must have been at least 15 booths full of meaty goodness.

We all started out with freshly pulled pork.

You can't get fresher meat than that. It was so tender and delicious!

To balance out the protein high, we tried some sweet potato fries. Yum!

Upper left: bacon wrapped dove and quail
Upper right: chicken fried axis with gravy. This was amazingly good.
Bottom right: chili. It was boring. No heat and no wild game, just plain ole beef.
Bottom Left: porky the pig

The most adventurous thing we tried were possum meat balls. Yes, you just read possum. I only tasted one bite and it was ok, but pretty chewy. I'd compare it to beef, but again it had a unique chewiness to it.

I still can't believe we tried it.

I neglected to get a pic of the tables full of delicious desserts. We nibbled on pie, cookies, brownies, and cobbler.

This wild game cookoff was well worth the $15 we paid. The place was packed with people, they had a raffle, live and silent auctions and a band.

After our stomachs couldn't hold any more food, we opted to head back to our house and have an outdoor fire and some red wine.

It was a great way to end a fun night with new friend.

Have you ever tried any wild game meets? If so, what are your thoughts?

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