Wednesday, October 14, 2015

6 Months


You are 6 months old. You are still THE happiest baby we have ever known, and you just love life. You bring us more joy and encourage us to live life as freely and happily as you do. We love you forever Hudsy Bear.


Height: 29 inches

Weight: 17lbs

Food: you take 7oz Q4hrs with your last bottle at 7pm. You also eat/devour real food after your 11 and 3 feedings. I'm fairly sure if we sat you in front of a buffet you'd eat until you're sick. You LOVE food!

Sleeping: you nap from 9-11am and 1-3pm. You've started dropping your late afternoon nap because you want to play so much. You still sleep all night 7p-7a.

Likes: eating, smiling, laughing, baths, trying to crawl, sitting up, playing with his toys,

Dislikes: when the food is gone, being put into car seat, lying still for diaper changes.

News: you got your first teeth just before the beach. Your 2 bottom teeth came in at the same time. We were prepared for sleepless nights and a really fussy baby, but it went much better than expected. A few doses of Tylenol and you were as good as new!

The 6 month included a lot of firsts for Hudson:

College football. Ready to cheer on our beloved Baylor Bears

First Labor Day parade in Boerne with our small group.

Just one year ago this group only had one baby. There are now 5 very loved and precious babies!

Boerne' best looking dads.

Half a year!

All smiles in Houston before our big trip to the beach!

And the road trip begins. 600ish miles. 4 adults. 2 babies. 2 trucks full of a weeks worth of fun!

You know you've got the best of friends when you have a room open up at the last minute and they rearrange their busy schedule to join your family at the beach...with a baby of their own!

Hudson's first time in the sand.

Cute babies and the best husbands after a long day of driving. We made it!

SuSu and JimJim drove all night after the Baylor game to join us at the beach.

Hudson loved his walks on the beach in the Tula (best purchase ever).

Off to the beach!

The precious Farrar Family. Life wouldn't be as fun without these guys.

Huey Family photo.

The best way to contain babies on the beach.

Eating Mum Mums for the first time.

Another month in the books, full of laughter, love, new milestones, and memories.

and that's Life with the Riley's