Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Four and Five Months

Time seems to be just flying by, so we're combining months 4 and 5. 


You can continue to smile non-stop, laugh when tickled, love watching your brother or older kids, and rolling every direction. We've been working on sitting up and you're doing pretty well with the tripod sit. Pretty soon you'll be sitting up on your own and chasing Hudson on all fours. 

Weight: 15.15lbs (at 4 month visit)

Length: 26 inches

Eating: every 3 hours during the day thru 4th Month. We just started 4 hour feeds as we began Month 5.

Sleep: naps so very well and sleeps 7p-7a

Clothes: you're in 9 month sleepers and 6-9 for most other clothing

Diapers: we transitioned to size 3

Likes: baths, eating, sleeping, playtime

Dislikes: having his runny nose bulb syringed, long car rides, when a bottle is taken away before it's empty. 

Comparison photo. Hudson on the left and Charlie on the right. 

Selfie time with mom