Friday, July 14, 2017

6 Months


Happy 6 months precious boy! You are growing like a weed and are making us smile and laugh every day. 


Weight: 18lbs
Length: 28 inches
Head: 45cm
Eating: 7-8 ounces Q4 hrs and eating baby food at lunch. He hasn't disliked a good yet! Like we kids with Hudson we started with veggies and then introduced fruits and then we will do meats and on to table food. Yum! I stopped breast feeding this month as the pump had broken 3 times and the same piece was breaking and we were already having to supplement. It's bittersweet because I loved the special time feeding him, but the freedom from pumping. Hallelujah!! 
Sleeping: He naps 3x during the day. We still follow Babywise (awake for 2 hours and sleep for 2 and repeat). He rarely takes a full 2 hour nap at each time but he rests well. He goes to sleep around 7p and wakes between 6-7a! 
Teeth: 2 bottom teeth came in at the same time just like Hudson
Movement: crawling has started. Sitting up unassisted and going from lying to sittting. 

Charlie and Cinco. Born 3 weeks apart at GRMC. 

The Riley Boys while mom works

I'm not sure if this is related to Babywise or we just have amazing children but it was Charlie's bedtime when we were having dinner w friends and we did our routine and out he went on a sleeping bag!! 

Kylie loves Charlie and even invited him to spend the night. She wasn't so sure when I told her what time he wakes up. 

July 4th at Roger and Debbie's