Sunday, January 22, 2017

One Month

We officially survived our first month as a family of four (with 2 boys under 2)! We might be sleep deprived, but everybody is alive (we had our share of illnesses), house is still standing, and I've even cooked a few meals!

Jimjim and SuSu took Hudson to Big Brother Camp for several days after Charlie's arrival. This was SO helpful and allowed us to adjust to Charlie and have some special quality time with him. 

The first month brought us the following:
-Hudson had Croup when Charlie was a week old. 
-JimJim and SuSu volunteered to pick up H and take him to Waco and keep Charlie away from the germs
-Newborn photos taken by the talented Sallie with Country Grace Photography
-We celebrated Christmas in Waco 
-Charlie and Hudson played with the Davis girls while we were in town 
-We drove to Dallas and bought a new car. All in one day! 
-We celebrated New Years Eve with our small group. And by celebrated I mean we had a delicious dinner and 7pm champagne toast. 
-Hudson came down with a horrible stomach bug.
-Riley Family Christmas was held at the ranch in Llano. 
-Charlie was able to meet his namesake
-Charlie has RSV!!! This was the worst, but we were able to avoid the hospital. 

First Christmas Eve Service. 
New Years Eve


Checking on baby 
Stomach bug recovery


4 generations. Charles meeting Charles. So special and sweet. Separated by 96 years. 

RSV breathing treatments

Life doesn't slow down when you have a second child, you just pick up where you left off. Especially with a very active 1.5 year old brother, but I wouldn't trade it for a second. 

Charlie's One Month Stats:

Weight: 10.10 lbs
Height: not assessed
Eats: every 3 hours. Like a boss. He can go a 4 hour stretch at night. 
Sleeps: when he wants. It's really getting better now that we have a schedule going. However, he's not much of a fan of afternoon sleep/nap. He'd prefer to play or yell. Mostly yell :-) 
Likes: eating, observing what's going on around him, Hudson, being held, the swing, tummy time 
Dislikes: diaper changes, baths, arms must be out when swaddled. 

It's been a busy first month, but we are all surviving and praying for no more sickness. We love our boys and can't wait to see Charlie grow!