Monday, May 30, 2011

Pack It up, Pack It In

So, now that school is out and the house search is back in high gear again the daunting task of packing has begun.

Hubs came home this weekend to get this party started. While, our current house isn't huge the two of us have acquired an enormous amount of belongings.

This is our Goodwill pile:

The first trash pile:

And the current living room turned designated packing area:

Now the weekend is over and I'm left alone in a mostly packed house that looks like a hoarder lives here!! Can't believe I have to live like this for the next month!!!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

School's Out For Summer

I made it! Finals are over and now I'm a free woman. Yee-haw.

Out of my 4 classes I only had to take 2 finals, but they were both pretty challenging. Thankfully I finished the semester on the honor roll. Thankyouverymuch!

The weekend before finals were over T and I met up at the lakehouse on Horseshoe bay. It was a great weekend of R and R.

View from back porch

View from new restaurant, On the Rocks. Good food!

My love and I

The deer I encountered while on my morning stroll

That same weekend we got some not so good news on the house. It needed 3 new ACs and after going back to seller they were not willing to budge AT all so we decided to terminate contract. It was a HARD decision to make, but we both know it was the right one.

It turns out the sellers have multiple liens on their home, delinquent on HOA dues, and property taxes so more than likely mortgage co would have never given us the money and could have never closed!

So, now we are at square 1 again trying to find a house. You would be surprised to find out how many subdivisions WITH acreage homesites do NOT allow horses. Frustrating, but we trust in God's provision for our future.

Back to summer: last weekend T and I met up again...this time at the ranch in Llano.

We slept in, ate at Coopers, floated in the Llano River, and sat in the swing overlooking enchanted rock. It was a wonderful quiet wknd with my love.

So stinkin' peaceful.

Being silly

And for a random pic:

Can yall believe Jackson will be 1 in less than 10 days?!?! That kid is precious. He runs everywhere, can tell you and show you how old he is, says several animal names and sounds and is as cute as a button!!

His 1st bday party is memorial day wknd, so a blog post is forthcoming.

Until then, I will be traveling to SA to resume the house hunt and spend some more quality time with T!

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