Tuesday, November 15, 2016

18 months

1.5 years. Where has the time gone? One minute he was a baby and now he's a walking/running, talking, tantrum (not often) throwing toddler. 

It has been the best 18 months we could've ever imagined and it's a little shocking to think we will be doing it all over again in just 2 months. 

Hudson's Stats:

Weight: 29.5lbs (90th%)
Height: 35.75 in (off the charts)
Head: 50cm (large but within normal limits)
Teeth: 15 (not really a stat, but wanted to record it)

H loves to repeat things we say, still has this incredible belly laugh that will bring you to your knees, has the appetite of a teenager, and still craves his afternoon nap and sleeps 12 hours at night. 

He can say baby and point to my belly, and he also says Charlie (sounds like Arlie). His world is about to be rocked when he has to share our time with his brother, but I have no doubts he will transition to the role of big brother well. 

He's growing out of his crib which is great because he will be moving into a full size bed before Charlie arrives. 
Hudson is adjusting so very well to his new room and new bed. He has yet to climb out and says "big boy" when you talk to him about his room. 

We met our favorite girls from Waco at Aquatica and loved it. 

I love food, mom. 

Meeting our friends at the SA Zoo. 

Had his 5th haircut and instantly looked older. 

First day of school in the toddler class. He loves to wear his backpack. 

Slowly introducing the potty. He prefers to sit and read books on it. Such a guy, right?!

That smile. Those teeth. That red hair. I melt every time I look at his precious face and thank The Lord for loaning him to us. We love you so very much Hudson! 

and that's Life with the Riley's