Sunday, July 1, 2012

Down By The River On A Friday Night

That hot and humid Texas summers are here and we are taking advantage of our close proximity to the Guadalupe (less than 1/4 mile, y'all!)

We are also lucky to have Travis' family live by and have been using their watering hole:

My 2nd quarter of school wrapped up, and I'm enjoying a little two week break from studying.

Attempting to look more intelligent by borrowing a friends glasses.

Some of my school friends joined me at the pool to celebrate the end of the quarter. We had a nice lunch and enjoyed spending the afternoon with cold beverages, a pool, and no books!

T and I also celebrated the end of the quarter by going on a date.

I also had dinner with my good friend, Amy. She and I worked together in Dallas and she was in SA for a business trip and we met up for dinner.

The pizza was delicious! We walked 2 miles thru some not-so-nice parts o' town and in the heat, but it was SO worth it.

We also went to Waco to visit Jackson, Kourt (Trent was out of town for work...sad), and my mom and dad!

Mom and dad just bought a house in McGregor and we went to help move in! Now, they won't be living in it full-time until they retire (1-2 years, I think).

Welcoming ourselves to Waco with a half/half tea.

Look at this handsome 2 year old! He knows his days of the week, some of the alphabet, potty training, and is counting higher every day! Such an amazing kid that just loves to give hugs and kisses. We love Jackson.

When mom and dad were packing they found the rocking horse that my granddaddy made for Trent and I. Jackson wouldn't get off of it. I'm so glad we can share it with him!

Dad and Jackson sharing a bowl of ice cream.

The new house. I LOVE it. We can't wait to have more visits to Waco so we can all get together!