Monday, March 30, 2015

We Are Family


The day our little bear came out of hibernation and made us a family. 

Everything about that day was perfect.

At our 37 week appointment, our doctor reminded me that I was measuring a couple of weeks ahead (like I hadn't noticed). She wasn't concerned, but we also let her know that Travis and his brother were both large babies (Travis almost 9 pounds and Derek almost 10). She then suggested we get an ultrasound the next week so we could get a better idea about his size. 

Fast forward to week 38 and we had our sonogram appointment, and just like we all thought he really was measuring ahead. His body was measuring around 41 weeks and had an estimated weight of 8lbs. Our doctor talked to us and we agreed on being induced at week 39 so that we had a better chance of getting him out vaginally and hopefully not having a 10 pound baby. We were so excited that we had a 'date' we knew we would get to meet our sweet Bear! I had already planned on working up until his due date, so I worked the DAY before he was born.

The Day.

There was potential for severe winter weather, so we stayed at a hotel across the street from the hospital. There was NO way that we were going to be late or miss our induction. It was so romantic...our last night as a couple was spent at Motel 6, but really it wasn't as bad as what you're thinking. This was actually a nice one and it was steps from the hospital.

We arrived at 6am, signed all the consents, and got the IV with pitocin started. I was 4cm, but our doctor decided not to rupture me until she did her lunch rounds to make sure I was progressing/laboring with the pitocin. 

She broke my water at 12:49pm and I was 6cm at that point. The pain quickly intensified at that point. I made it 2 hours post rupture until I called and asked for my epidural. I felt like a new woman once that epidural began working. I didn't feel any pain until around 5:30, and that point I called my nurse (Ashley-she was wonderful) and told her to come check me because I felt like I was complete and ready to push. Ashley came in, checked me and just like I suspected (and hoped) I was complete and we did one test push before calling the doctor. My test push was so effective I was asked to stop so she could call the doctor because ready or not bear was going to make his arrival! Unfortunately, Dr. Satterfield was delivering another baby down the hall and I had to wait until she was finished before we could have a birthday party. Imagine waiting for 45 min-hour fully complete and ready to have a baby. It was SO hard not to push and the pain was horrible.

Satterfield came in the room around 6:45 and we started pushing. I did 6 sets of pushes and our sweet baby bear made his grand entrance at 7:15pm! 

It was incredible. Travis was an amazing coach and held my hand and cheered me on all day. He unhooked my monitors and helped me up to the restroom. I rotated to my right/left sides every 30 minutes and he was there to readjust my monitors. I wish I had picture of his face when he saw our little man for the first time. It was full of emotion and instantly made me fall more in love with him. It's a vision I hope that I never forget.

Now for the good stuff:

Hudson Langford Riley
8lbs 10 oz 
22 inches

We've have been loved so well and have had a TON of visitors meet Hudson!

Cousin kisses!

Kellye and Emily drove all the way from Houston just to spend a couple of hours with Hudson!

 First picture as a family of 3!

SuSu stayed with us for the first week. I don't think we would've survived without her. She cooked, cleaned, ironed, fed the dogs/horses, took midnight cry fests with Hudson and did it all with a smile on her face! Thank you for loving us so well, SuSu!

Cita and Pops loving on Hudson

Macy and Hudson meeting for the first time. These two are bound to be close friends and are exactly 6 weeks apart. I can't wait to see what kind of friendship blossoms between these two and the adventures we will have with the Farrar's.
Aunt Marilyne also made a quick day trip from Houston to meet our little guy.
 The Davis' visited Boerne during spring break. One of my childhood bff's and her family came to see us! I think Karlie was pretty smitten holding a little boy.

 "Aunt" Kathy came to say hi

The Peacock Party came to love on Hudson, too!

As you can see there has been no shortage of love for our little man. We are blessed beyond measure and thank the Lord for the opportunity to raise this precious gift. 

We are adjusting to life at home, working on sleeping at night and adjusting our schedule during the day. We're having fun and still can't believe that he is ours and that we are parents! God is good, y'all.

Life with the Riley's is pretty good!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

March is here which means it is finally baby month. It's hard to wrap our heads around the fact that in just a matter of days our sweet Baby Bear will be here and our lives will forever be changed....for the good!

The wonderful showers are over, his nursery is complete, and our bags are packed. All we need now is HLR.

Here are some pictures of his completed nursery:

Rope sign made from fence pickets at the Riley Ranch in Llano (where we got engaged)

I still can't get over how great the changing table looks. I think SuSu did a fabulous job transforming this from an old dark brown to it's current state! Thank you SuSu and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

The sweet sign from Aunt Kourt, Uncle Trent, Jax and Kinley

Most of the blankets you see on the ladder where hand sewn/crocheted for Hudson by family/friends. So sweet and so special. We plan to add canvas pictures of our little guy on either side of the 'Hudson' sign....

And that's the room. We think it's perfect

Pregnancy update:

34 Weeks

 38 Weeks

Cravings: water. I can't ever seem to get enough.

Nausea/Vomiting: It made it's ugly return around week 36. It definitely hasn't been as bad/violent as the first 23 weeks, but I notice it. It's tolerable, but a nuisance. 

Swelling: still wearing my wedding rings. I can usually see my ankles, unless I work two shifts back-to-back and then they tend to disappear but they return after a little elevation on the couch

Baby Update: at our last appointment I was 3cm/70% and like I thought (just look at my belly, folks) HLR is still measuring a little ahead of scheduled. So, our wonderful doctor (Seriously, can't say enough great things about her) had us do an US to really check in on his size. We can probably go ahead and get him an o-line scholarship to 38 weeks he was measuring around 8.4lbs and they were projecting him to be 9 (give or take a few ounces) the following week. SO, we've been scheduled (actually on standby because the hospital is booked) for induction on 03/05/15! Ready or not here our sweet HLR comes! I blame the Riley genes for this, both Travis and his brother were big babies. It could also be the fact that we've been calling him 'Bear' this entire pregnancy, and perhaps he felt the need to actually grow into the size of a bear. In all seriousness, we are thrilled to be in the home stretch and can't wait to meet this precious boy that the Lord is giving us.

We are so very excited about the changes that are about to take place, and we take comfort and rest in the Lord knowing that He is in control. We trust His timing, his plans and provisions as we get ready to expand our family. We welcome your prayers as we embark on this new chapter in Life With The Riley's. 

These last few days of waiting will be the hardest, but we are trying to relax and enjoy these next few days of solitude and catch up on sleep while we can :)