Friday, December 18, 2015

8 Months

Eight Months: 11-05-15


Height: 30+ inches
Weight: 20ish pounds
No official stats due to no doctor visits 

Feeding: 4 7oz bottles each day with table food at 2-3 feedings. Hudson can (and prefers) to self feed over being spoon fed. I prefer this method (minus the messes that occur) now that he has more teeth because it allows me to do some other things while he's happy and eating. However, when the food is all gone our sweet boy turns into a rage monster with a red-faced cry begging for more. I promise we feed him and feed him enough, but I'm convinced he'd clear a buffet if given the chance. 
Pulling up on everything. 

First hunt. First deer season. 
Does it still count if he didn't hunt, but wore camo and was at the ranch? 
Sunday morning smiles
Bedtime and books with daddy. 

I can barely handle the cuteness contained in this picture. H looks so big. Travis' company, Vaughn Construction sent this adorable backpack for Hudson's arrival. 

Did you know naps with pants are overrated? 

First time in overalls! (Thanks to Jackson for the overalls)
Another month and another play date with Macy. 

First Thanksgiving celebration at school. 
Our Thanksgiving was extra special this year because the newest member of the Huey family arrived: Olivia Grace Huey came the day before thanksgiving in a fast and furious delivery. 

She is beautiful, looks like Jax and Kinley but has darker hair. We love you so much Livvy!
Thanksgiving smiles. 

Granddaddy Hudson (H's namesake) made this rocking horse for my brother and I and now Hudson gets to enjoy it. So special. Cowboy Hudson looks like a natural, too.