Monday, October 21, 2013

Jump Around

Wow, I've really been slacking with the blogging lately.

Trying to title each post with an appropriate song lyric can be hard....and I get stuck.

That leads me to today's post:

Jump Around

Going to get caught up on what we've been doing since Labor Day.

After fulfilling our commitment to volunteer at the Boerne rodeo we packed up and headed to Horseshoe Bay where the rest of the Riley family was.

Next up, going to Big Lou's with our small group to eat this 42 inch pizza!

1 slice fills you up and is almost 2 feet long! So blessed to be surrounded by such a great group of friends.

We headed up to Waco for a football game, and to celebrate one of my BFF's birthday.

I attempted to get crafty and made this cake for Marci. I was a little short on Kit-Kats, but just made that the back of the cake.

We celebrated Marci's birthday by going to the fair and having a ball with Karlie and Kinsey as they played lots of games and road several rides. So fun!

What's a trip to Waco without a stop at Bush's?

This handsome man took me to Baylor Homecoming.

Pretty sure I had the best looking date. I tried to get him to buy me a mum, but no such luck. :-)

Uncle TRye FINALLY got to meet Kinley. He instantly fell in love and I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual.

Can you believe she is 13 weeks?!?!

The best mom and dad a girl could ask for.

Jackson joined us at the parade and we spent a lot of time running around and having fun!

Finally found my brick. It's getting hard to read. You can kind of see Trent's on the left.

And now I'm all caught up! That's a lot of jumping around...from Labor Day to mid October!

Hope everybody is having a great Fall and cheering on Baylor as they are undefeated!

--And that's Life With the Riley's--