Sunday, February 21, 2010

Small Town Saturday Night

The hubs and I had a quiet weekend. We did a lot of nothing and it was
wonderful. In fact, after doing our Saturday chores we watched 3 movies.

We made popcorn to make it feel like we were at the theaters and we
used our new handy popcorn holders that my Santa left in our stockings.

I couldn't have asked for a better Sarurday night at home, cuddled on
the couch with the love of my life, and a yummy batch of popcorn. Life
is grand!

Oh, and we might be getting more SNOW next week. I thought we lived in

Monday, February 15, 2010

Scroll Down

I've finally started to catch up from my lack of posting.

Scroll away!

Blogger Trouble

I'm having problems placing pictures on the blog. Can anybody help me?

It will occasionally let me drag/move the picture to the desired location, but once I've done that it will not let me add any more words to my post, nor will it let me move any other pictures.


For now, please disregard the out-of-order placement of pictures.


We all know Texas weather is unpredictable. One day it can be clear and 70 and the next cloudy and freezing. Well, this past week we experienced some very rare weather conditions. We woke up Thursday morning to a snow covered pasture....and it kept snowing for approximately 20 hours. We had a total of 12 inches of snow at our house!

Thankfully Thursday was my day off from work, so I was not out in the weather. Travis and I spent the day playing in the snow and we even made a little snow man. We used pickles for the eyes, a pretzel stick for his nose, cheese for his mouth, and celery stalks for his arms. About 20 minutes after we were done the horses decided they wanted to check out Mr. Snowman. They proceeded to EAT his arms, eyes, nose, mouth, and then stomp on him until he was flat. It was pretty entertaining to watch from the window.

By Saturday afternoon most of the snow had melted away and we are just left with some extremely soggy and muddy land. At least it was beautiful while it lasted!

Puppy Update

One of Travis' best friends, Trey, bought one of our Redbone puppies last fall. Duncan is now 4.5 months old and growing like a weed. Thankfully, we get to see Duncan about once a week since we hang out with Trey pretty often!

I had a little photo shoot with Duncan last time we went over. He's such a doll and pretty handsome, too!

A Night Out with Friends

Several weeks ago we rounded the troops up and headed out to Fort Worth for some good food and fellowship at Joe T Garcia's. They are well knownacross the metroplex for their wonderful outdoor atmosphere, food, and strong margaritas.

We had 11 people and had a great time getting together with old and new friends!

Bad Blogger Award

I'm giving myself a 'Bad Blogger' Award. I know I'm not as regular as most of my blogging buddies, but I feel that I have slacked.

I've been busy with school and I am still recovering from being sick a couple of weeks ago. School is going REALLY well and I'm liking my classes a lot. I still have time to hang out with Travis, perform well at work, and have time for friends! Now that will probably change once I'm a full-time student and actually in Nursing school, but for now I'm doing well at managing my time.