Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lamb Fries

So, after church on Sunday Travis and I drove up the road to Tioga, Texas (home of Gene Autry) to dine at a wonderful hole-in-the-wall bbq joint called Clark's Outpost BBQ.

Travis ordered lamb fries. For those that don't know what lamb fries are they are testicles from a lamb. Travis ate fried testicles...an entire plate of them! They served them with a side of cream gravy and red sauce. Travis preferred the red sauce over the gravy, meanwhile I was disgusted at the sight of the little creatures. I cut one open with my fork to see what the inside looked like and it looks like chicken. Travis said it tastes like chicken, but I have hard time believing that tasted like the wonderful meat we call chicken...

Please note the menu also listed these nasty creatures as a 'delicacy'...sick...Has anybody else ever tried lamb fries or rocky mountain oysters (cow testicles)?

However, I will say that Clark's has some amazing bbq and it really is a cute little place...just why would anybody want to eat that?

Also, thanks to Ryan for teaching me to get pictures to go where I want them! You're the best.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Posting Pictures and a weekend re-cap

This is a picture of Heidi and Jacob! One of our favorite couples from East Texas

Ok, so I've got a blogging question...

How do you post pictures underneath your text? I can only get pictures to post at the top of the blogs.....I would like to be able to write a paragraph post a picture then go on to the next, but i don't know how to get that accomplished. I'd love any assistance I can get.

In other news, Travis and I had another weekend at home/in town. Before the wedding we were out of town nearly every weekend for 4 months. It feels so good to finally have nothing to do on the weekend but plan a dinner with friends.

We have been blessed with some good friends who have come out to our house for dinner. You don't realize how big that is with the cost of gas and how far out we live!!! 2 Friday's ago Trey Cook, Michael Williams and his fiance' Carrie Mead drove up for a steak and potato dinner. We had a great time catching up, eating and enjoying the sunset on our back porch. This past Friday Heidi and Jacob Newman drove up for another homecooked meal of steak and a baked potato. Heidi's birthday is coming up so I made her a chocolate cake with Rainbow chip icing. It was hit! We even lit candles and attempted to sing happy birthday...

Travis and I love having visitors, so anybody who wants to come and visit us in the country, see our animals, ride the horses, just let us know!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

91 years and an engagement

This past weekend we celebrate my grandfather's 91st birthday at my aunt's lake house on Lake Fork. We had a wonderful time getting to be with some family we aren't able to see that often. It's amazing that my Gdad is still able to do things like that with us. Gdad was married to Gram for almost 60 years. He graduated from Baylor, then went and obtained his MBA. While at Baylor he was a member of BUGWMB. I do believe he is one of the oldest living member's of the band at this time...He's such a sweet, sweet man and I love him dearly.

In other news one of our best couple friends got engaged this past weekend!!! James and Tara have become very dear friends of Travis and I. James was the best man in our wedding and was a KOT with Travis at Baylor. Tara decided she wanted to be an Aggie and moved off to College Station... Tara and James have such a cute story. They started dating when they were in high school and dated for about 4 years, then broke up while they were in college and they recently got back together within the past year. We are beyond thrilled for them. They make a wonderful couple and complete each other.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First Blog

Hello blogging world. I thought we would give blogging a chance or at least go ahead and get a name for a blog so that in the future when we actually have something exciting to share all the good blog titles aren't taken.

Travis and I are finally winding down through our busy wedding season. Since February we have been to or been in 6 weddings, that does include being in our own wedding! I still can't believe all of the planning is over and we are finally married!!! I cannot tell you how good it feels to come home to your best friend everyday. We are truly blessed.

We have fixed up the house quite a bit. We have installed new counter tops, new cabinets in the kitchen, both bathrooms and the utility room, new tile flooring, fresh paint in all rooms of the house, and not to mention bringing my furniture in the house sure helped make it look a little homier. I have to admit: I love living out in the country. Yes, My drive to work is pretty lengthy (40 miles each way) but I only work 4 days a week and going home to the peace and quiet of the country, getting to watch the sunset is pretty nice.

That's about it for now!