Monday, February 1, 2016

10 Months

Official Stats:
Weight: 21.2lbs
Height: 30.5 inches
Head: 97% 
We had another great report from our favorite doctor (Holcomb) this month. We were a little late for our 9 month visit. Whoops! No shots this visit and a great report were good news to our ears. Our doctor thinks Hudson will be at least 6 feet tall since he's always been above the 90th percentile for his length. Grow, Hudson grow!

Likes: food, smiling, laughing, shooting baskets in the bath, taking baths, playing "with" friends

Dislikes: diaper changes, when the food is all gone

New discoveries: says ball "ba", dada, mama, and sometimes dog "da". He's getting more independent with letting go and shuffling with steps. I think he will be walking by the time he turns one. 

Hudson tried spaghetti and he loved it!

Time for a bigger car seat: 

The worst part of this month is that Hudson got sick for the first time. We've had colds before, but this was a bigger deal. 

Of course H got sick when JimJim and SuSu had already scheduled a visit. It was so wonderful having them here as they took H to the doctor when we were at work and helped with breathing treatments through the night so we could all take turns sleeping. 

RSV, double ear infection, and broncholitis was the diagnosis

Hudson had a productive cough, red eyes, fever, and was breathing rapidly. Antibiotics, steroids, breathing treatments, and lots of snuggles and naps were on the menu for wellness. 

Seeing your baby sick is the worst. Breaks your heart.  

Feeling better enough to eat, but still not our happy smiley Hudson. 

The worst part of being sick was that it fell on Macy's 1st birthday! How were we ever going to miss his first friends birthday? 

Well, we didn't want to expose other kids to Hudson so we loaded him up in the truck and took turns going in to the party. Hudson hated to miss it, but we were glad we still found a way to celebrate this precious girl. 

Celebrating in the car. Happy Birthday, Macy!

It took about 6 days for him to completely recover from RSV and return to his normal happy and silly self. So happy to have this first illness behind us!

After a week in the house we jumped at the chance to have dinner with friends. 

The Cornett's are like family to us and we love any chance we get to see them. Hudson was a champ and went to sleep on a little pallet in Kylie's room while we played games. 

Hudson, the buck

We are getting closer and closer to the big one year mark. It feels like I blinked and he went from baby to little boy. We've started planning his first birthday and plan to cap off his year of being baby bear with a lumberjack bash. 
 Hudson we love you more and more every day. Your smile lights up any room your in and your joyous spirit just fills our hearts. Happy 10 months sweet boy