Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I've Got A Barbeque Stain On My White T-Shirt

Picture this: isles and isles of tents filled with bbq pits and smokers, texas country music playing all around, funnel cakes, corn dogs, and carnival rides! That sounds fun, right?

Well, we had the opportunity to experience all of the above mentioned greatness last weekend at the Houston Rodeo World's Championship BBQ Cookoff. This event occurs every year the week before the rodeo kicks off.

Literally hundreds of bbq teams come to show off their culinary talents and host parties for their sponsors and friends for an entire weekend.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and were able to see things before they really got started. Thursday's music lineup included Cory Morrow and Jason Boland.

Friday we heard Max Stalling, Cody Johnson, and Aaron Watson. Charlie Robison was playing for a private party on the grounds, so we were also able to hear him AND I got to meet him. The rest of the day was spent hanging out in tents (which you have to be invited and have an armband to enter) and eating...lots and lots of eating. Saturday we heard Bart Crow and Josh Abbott.

These aren't just your normal tents, these are fancy and can hold anywhere from 100-1000 people!

 Look up! Stacy and I really did meet Charlie.

 Erin and Stephen were able to get us wristbands to a fellow attorney's tent. Their group won several awards: 1st runner up for overall, 1st runner up in Ribs, and best skit.


 Szalkowski/Riley Collage

 Hot Piggies

If you can't tell from these pictures, we had a wonderful time with some of our best friends and family. Life is sweet. Life is good when you're surrounded by good friends!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Wanna Be Reckless

Life. It happens and sometimes life's roads are a little bumpier and the hills are a little steeper than we would CHOOSE, but when your eyes and heart are fixed on the biggest prize and reward you will not fall. Those bumps will begin to smooth and the hills won't seem so steep.

It's true. We are living proof that when you give it ALL to Him and truly live a faith driven life, bigger things can happen. And when I say big, I don't mean that Publisher's Clearing House stopped by or that I finally got rid of my 9 year old car, Barney.

This is where it all begins:

Last fall Travis indicated he would like to begin looking for a new job, but didn't want to seriously begin his search until I finish school (1 more year). He wasn't fully satisfied where he was, and was ready to pursue something more challenging.

We began praying over this and specifically asked that God would show us what direction he would like for us to pursue. We have been intentionally trying to live a more faith-driven life. The song Reckless by Jeremy Camp had been speaking to us:
"Every time I try to play it safe
Holding back just a little part of me
I find myself forgetting that
I say that I believe
The promise of your word
Is all I need
And give it up
I'll give it up..."

Trav's 2013 Resolutions

Fast Forward to the first week in January and we FINALLY got our answer! Travis was laid off. Not exactly the answer we were looking for, but we took this as an opportunity to THANK God for this opportunity and we've truly been blessed by this layoff. Our relationships with God and our marriage have deepened in a way I never knew was possible. We already knocked #1 off the resolutions list!

So, today Trav is a full time job hunting machine. He has networked like nobody's business, contacted church friends, family members, worked with recruiters, and has several interviews in the next few days.

We KNOW God is in control. He will provide. We will not let our faith waiver. We will TRUST and OBEY.

I wanna be reckless. Do you?