Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Yesterday was my dad's 60th birthday and my Nana's (Dad's mom) 92nd birthday!!! WOW! Happy Birthday to two extremely wonderful people who have helped make me the woman I am today.
Daddy, I know we will officially celebrate your birthday this weekend, but I wanted to show you just how much I look up to you and admire you for the amazing husband, father, son, and friend that you are to so many people.
The following list contains 60 traits/characteristics/features my sweet daddy has:
1. Dependable      2. Loving     3. Caring     4. Trustworthy     5. Resourceful     6. Friendly to everybody he meets
7. Athletic     8. Determined     9. Kind     10. Godly     11. Happy     12. Always on Time (or really early when driving us to school)
13. Faithful     14. Talented     15. Spiritual     16. Family Man/Family First     17. Self-less     18. Intelligent
19. Hard Worker     20. You're the Best     21. Motivated     22. Marathoner     23. Golfer     24. Head over heels in love with your wife/mom     25. Baylor Fan     26. Provider     27. Father     28. Generous     29. Care-Taker     30. YTB     31. Friend
32. Humble     33. Considerate     34. Tall     35. Red Hair-well...was     36. Honest     37. Creative     38. Joyful
39. Reliable     40. You're the Best     41. Sociable     42. Successful     43. Radiant      44. Inspiring
45. Warm     46. Enthusiastic     47. Strong     48. Forgiving    49. Fantastic      50. You're the Best     51.  Protective
52. Likeable     53. Fundraiser    54. Inspring     55. OLD     56. Happily Married for over 35 years
57. Encouraging     58. Listener     59. Leaf Blower     60. You're the Best
Happy Birthday, Daddy! Thank you for being such an awesome dad. We can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend and hopefully see the Bears win a game!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Miracle of Puppy Birth

Tonight I got to witness the tail end (no pun intended) of our dog,
Parker, giving birth to 5 healthy and beautiful Redbone Coonhounds.

It is really incredible that God has equipped an animal like a dog to
be able to give birth on their own and take care of the pups. Truly
incredible. This is Parker's second go-round, but this time I was the
one at home with her.

Parker and her pups are safe and sound in their pen nursing away! I'll
post more pictures once they start moving around.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fall TV

It’s about that time for all of the TV series to pick-up where they left off last fall. Tonight happens to be the season premiere of one of my favorite shows: The Biggest Loser.


This show sucks me in every season. I can’t help it! I will even admit that I’ve shed a tear or two during the show. I get attached to these contestants and to me it is truly amazing to see them lose all of that weight.


This season promises to bring even more excitement as one of last season’s contestants is returning! Daniel is a high school student who started last season weighing almost 400 pounds (perhaps over that mark). He lost a lot of weight last year, but being that big he still has a lot to lose, so he will be appearing this fall to continue on his quest to be the BL.  BL also has a contestant who is the biggest female to ever be on the show.


Here’s to another wonderful season of BL. Until then, I’ll be counting the hours until 7:00 when it comes on!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

Saturday, September 12, 2009 my best friend, Erin Freeman married a wonderful man, Stephen Szalkowski (pronounced: shal-cow-ski). I was honored to be asked to be the Matron of Honor so we spent the weekend enjoying all of the festivities in San Antonio. The rehearsal dinner was held at the Buckhorn museum downtown and the wedding ceremony took place at the Incarnate Word chapel (absolutely beautiful) and the reception was at the Sheraton Gunter hotel. The entire weekend was a wonderful and beautiful event.
The beautiful bride showing off her red Jimmy Choo's

It was a beautiful wedding and Erin was a gorgeous, calm, relaxed, and happy bride. The wedding day was wonderful and went off without a hitch!
Abbie and I at the rehearsal dinner
The up do
Abbie and I ready to head to the church
The maid of honor(Stacey) and the matron of honor

Me and the stunning bride!

Abbie, Stacey, and I enjoying the cocktail hour before the reception began

Ernie and I at the reception

Cutting of the groom's cake- red velvet, yummy!

The groom and I

Cutting the bride's cake- also super yummy

And capping off the evening by giving the hubs a smooch

Erin and Stephen- thank you for including us in your fabulous wedding weekend. We could not be happier for such a wonderful couple to make this commitment to each other. We wish you a wonderful and happy life together. We hope you enjoy the next 2 weeks touring Greece!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Meanwhile back at the ranch

We decided to come up to the ranch for the 3 day weekend and to
celebrate the birthday of Trav's sweet mother, Judi.

We arrived late Friday night and even brought the rain with us. South
Texas is experiencing a huge drought right now so the grass and cows
were very happy to get some fresh water.

A good bit of our time on Saturday was spent filling the deer feeders
with fresh corn and setting the timers. Gotta make the deers happy!
Fun shots can be heard around us as many folks are taking part in dove
season, which just started last week.

It's been a fabulous weekend with the Riley clan. I even made a
homemade carrot cake for Judi. It's her favorite. This was a big deal
for me because I have a HUGE aversion for carrots. Huge. I've never
eaten one, nor will I but I think I earned some major brownie points
baking my MIL het fav cake. They say it tasted good, too!

Unfortunately the weekend is drawing to a close and we must head back
north tomorrow.

Looking forward to a 2.5 day work week ahead as my best friends
wedding is in San Antonio!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sic 'Em Bears

It’s that time of year…College Football!


This year has the possibility to be more thrilling and competitive for Baylor. We have the potential to make some great strides this fall and we get to start that adventure in 3 short days!


Travis and I will be attending several games this fall and cannot wait to cheer on the Bears to a victorious season.


Go Bears Go!