Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Four and Five Months

Time seems to be just flying by, so we're combining months 4 and 5. 


You can continue to smile non-stop, laugh when tickled, love watching your brother or older kids, and rolling every direction. We've been working on sitting up and you're doing pretty well with the tripod sit. Pretty soon you'll be sitting up on your own and chasing Hudson on all fours. 

Weight: 15.15lbs (at 4 month visit)

Length: 26 inches

Eating: every 3 hours during the day thru 4th Month. We just started 4 hour feeds as we began Month 5.

Sleep: naps so very well and sleeps 7p-7a

Clothes: you're in 9 month sleepers and 6-9 for most other clothing

Diapers: we transitioned to size 3

Likes: baths, eating, sleeping, playtime

Dislikes: having his runny nose bulb syringed, long car rides, when a bottle is taken away before it's empty. 

Comparison photo. Hudson on the left and Charlie on the right. 

Selfie time with mom



Tuesday, April 18, 2017


This was our first Easter in our new house, with two boys, and my first time to work on the holiday. 

We made the very best of it and began the celebrations on Good Friday by hosting our Small Group over for a hamburger cookout and to celebrate 3 birthdays our group has in April: Tiffany, Blake, and Travis. 

It was a great night full of good food, drinks, and chasing our children around. 

Travis and Blake celebrated their birthdays with a round of golf. Hudson and I snuck onto the course to bring them a drink and cheer them on!

Saturday both boys slept in a little! We cleaned up a little around the house, I took Charlie on a walk and Travis took Hudson to get his haircut. 

That afternoon we headed to the FOR Country Club for an Easter egg hunt. We had to wake Hudson up early from his nap to go so he was a little timid to hunt, but he managed to get several eggs and play some games they had set up on the back lawn. 

Charlie got to wear a special outfit given to us by Travis' cousin, Sara. She has 3 boys and they wore those precious Feltman Brothers bubble. I love hand me downs!

Cita and Pops arrived Saturday evening and we had pizza and lots of fun okay time for the boys. 

Sunday morning I headed to work (where we held our own delicious Easter lunch and received Communion from our Chaplain) and the rest of my crew went to church and came home to a delicious meal Cita made. 


It was a wonderful weekend and as always a great reminder that our redeemer LIVES, died for our sins, and has given us the greatest gift of all: Eternal life.