Wednesday, January 17, 2018

One Year

Charles Reid Riley. You are ONE! Happy Birthday to our precious blonde haired blue eyed baby boy. 

Weight: 23.8 pounds
Height: 31.25 inches
Teeth: 10!!!
Food: hello whole milk!
Sleep: one afternoon nap and 7p-7a

On the day of your birthday we had a freak snow storm. We had 4 inches of snow fall within a few hours! It was beautiful and so fun. We took you outside for a few minutes, but you didn’t get to play in it much since you were still recovering from your ear infections and rsv. Hudson LOVED throwing snow balls. It truly was beautiful!

We celebrated your birthday with our closest friends and family. You devoured your cupcake! You are a joy to watch grow and develop. You are happy and full of life.  You still haven’t decided to fully walk, but will take a step or two clap for yourself and then sit down. 

We love you so much, Charlie! 

11 Months

You are so close to being ONE! 

You’re acting less like a baby and more like a toddler. You’re eating only table food and formula (almost time for whole milk. Yay!). We think you’re getting closer to walking. You’re becoming more confident and letting go. You’ve learned to clap and you think it’s the neatest thing. Your had a double ear infection and probable RSV. You handled it all like a champion-never being fussy or having a temp!

Next month we’ll be celebrating your first year of life!