Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The one perk of taking final exams is that a break from school usually follows. For my spring break, I boarded a Southwest plane that took me to Fort Worth to visit my parents, Kourtny, and Jackson. Unfortunately, work kept Travis and Trent from partaking in the fun with us, but we still managed to have a great time.

Thursday afternoon I landed in Dallas. I exited my plane and walked out of my gate to find a very handsome red-bearded man waiting for me and greeted me with a kiss (hint: it was Travis). See, he had flown to Dallas earlier in the day for a meeting and was at the airport waiting for his return flight. Nice start to my trip, right? 

Next up, my sweet daddy picked me up and we headed to the house where we met my mom, Kourtny, and found this little fella waiting on us. 

Can you believe that Jackson will be 2 next month? Time flies.

Later that evening Kourt and I decided to go see The Hunger Games. It was So. Good. We both enjoyed it and I know mom and dad loved the one-on-one time with Jackson and putting him to bed.

We woke up Friday morning and decided we should take advantage of the beautiful weather and head to the Fort Worth Zoo.

Jackson telling us about all the fish in the aquarium.

The bear was strutting his stuff for us.

Check this out:
I lightly tapped on the window to get Mr. Gorilla's attention and he got up
grabbed his blanket
 and sat in the corner right in front of us!

 Kourt and Jackson looking at the elephants.

Penguin time

SuSu and Jackson

JimJim and Jackson. They are best buds.

Since Travis wasn't able to join us Jackson and I made a little video to let him know how much we missed him.

The rest of the weekend was spent shopping, visiting a friend who recently had a baby, and teaching my mom how to use her new iPad.

The weekend came to in end all too soon, but it was so fun to be together and enjoy some quality time with my family!