Friday, June 6, 2014

Workin' 9 to 5

Not exactly....more like 5am until 7pm seven days a week.

This insane schedule went on for nearly 5 months as Mr. Riley wrapped up the biggest project of his career.

His employer teamed up in a joint venture with 2 other firms to build the new addition to Univeristy Hospital: complete renovations to the existing hospital building, and construct a parking garage. All for a mere 854 million dollars and just under 1 million square feet of space!

Mr. Riley and a bunch of other employees averaged 80+ hours a week with no days off for almost 5 months. To say he was tired was an understatement. He missed going out of town to visit family and friends, church on Sundays, and sleeping in on the weekends. He sacrificed a lot, but rarely complained.

I had the privilege of joining him at the ribbon cutting ceremony as they presented the new hospital to the city of San Antonio (UHS is the county hospital for SA).



Air pressure control panels. This was a thorn in Mr. Riley's side for quite a while as they wouldn't hold the appropriate amount of negative pressure, but with enough tweaking he figured it out!

Decontamination area

Detainee area (inmates of Bexar County)

ER treatment room

Regular patient room

VIP room complete with sleigh bed and private outdoor garden area

AGV. automated guided vehicle. This fancy guy delivers supplies to the ORs all by himself! He talks and even stops if he senses movement in front of him.

Now that's one impressive facility and one of the most modern looking hospitals I've ever seen!

I am so incredibly proud of Mr. Riley for his long days, late nights, and weekends full of work. He sacrificed a lot to pull off the biggest project of his career, but judging by these pictures I would say he hit the ball out of the park!

--And that's Life With the Riley's--