Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Driving Around in my Automobile

Five months have come and gone (we're almost at 7 now), but at least I'm blogging this so I can add it to the book. Better late than never, right?!?!

Hudson's fifth month outside the womb included lots of exciting things, but before we get to those let's highlight the all important stats:

Weight: 16ish pounds
Height: 27-28inches
Clothes: 6-9 months, but even those are getting tight in the feet
Nicknames: Hudson Bear, Hudsy, Baby Bear, Mr. Riley, 
Sleeps: 7p-7a (Thank You Jesus for this wonderfully behaved baby!)
Eats: we moved to every 4 hours this month. He took to the transition very well and it only took a day. We also added solid foods this month! Sadly, we've had to begin supplementing his meals with formula as my milk supply has seen a tremendous decrease since returning to work. 
Likes: eating, playing, smiling, talking, swimming, baths, car rides, rolling over playing with his toys, sitting up, Hudson pretty much enjoys all aspects of life.
Dislikes: when there is no more food, if you don't change his clothes fast enough he starts to get fussy.

Hudson went to his first ever Riley Cousin Camp. In fact, we all went to our first ever Riley Cousin Camp. It was held in San Antonio at Uncle Roger and Aunt Debbie's house. We all had a great time, ate a ton of food, and spent most of our days in the pool. 

Hudson, the caddie.

The plaid twins. Hudson's hair started thinning this month, but seems to be on the way back.

 We can't say enough wonderful things about our church nursery (FBC Boerne). They truly love our babies, and then even give them lessons and share how much Jesus loves them.
Macy and Hudson ruled the roost in the nursery this particular Sunday.

Those blue eyes and that infectious smile. Watch out ladies, he's a looker.

Hudson wanted to send greetings to his favorite friend, Macy, on her 6 month birthday. He has pretty good hand writing for being 5 months. 

Solid foods.
 He was a huge fan from the very first bite. We started with sweet potatoes. I've been making all of his food. I cook it, puree it, and then put it in muffin tins and place it in the freezer. After it's frozen I throw the disks into a Ziploc bag for home and school. 
He cries after the last bite. Every. Time. It's cute and sad to watch. This boy just LOVES food.
A little date night with Macy on the blanket (they were chaperoned the entire evening).

A visit to Llano to see Cita and Pops and check on the progress of their new house. It looks great, and the completion is scheduled for October. We can't wait to begin creating new memories with Hudson at the ranch. I'm pretty sure Travis is already wishing Hudson was old enough to go hunting with him.

Hudson's first car (borrowed from his older friend, Jonah.) He loves this red ride and cruises around the house. He prefers to go in reverse, but is working on other directions.
Hudson's first time to the Guadalupe. He loves to splash and laughed so hard when Big Boy was swimming in the river. It just made his day!

We watched Big Boy while his parents went out of town. It was obvious BB missed his sister, Macy, as he never wanted to leave Hudson's side. BB would sit by my feet when I would feed Hudson in his room every morning and night. It was so sweet.

And that's a wrap. Stay tuned for the big 6 month post!