Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some Beach Some Where

Last week I had the privilege of joining my parents to the white sandy beaches of Gulf Shores, Alabama. We've been making annual visits to Gulf Shores for about 8 years, well we didn't make it last year due to the oil spill, but y'all get the idea.

This year was a bit different bc Trav had to work(new kid at work doesn't have enough vacay) and Trent, Kourt, and Jackson had a work conference in NC--so it was just me, mom, and dad!!

I had THE best time. I hated that the rest of the clan couldn't join us, but I had some great one-on-one time with my parents.

Here are some pics of the trip:
First day was rainy and overcast

The view of one of the 5 pools

Perfection. Beautiful beaches.

Crystal clear water

Me and my silly hat so my head won't burn. Yes, those are rainbow umbrellas. We have 3 and love them!

Nightly fireworks outside the condo

Mom and Dad at the marina. Go eat at LuLu's if you're in the area. She's Jimmy Buffet's sister. Great food. Greater atmosphere.

Pic of sailboat. Random, but next summer T and I will be on a very similar boat sailing around the BVIs!!!

Dad and I playing mini golf. Mom schooled us and had 4 hole in ones. Who is she?!?!?!

Look closely and you'll see Charlie the crab. I thought he was cute.

I missed the hubs, so I made this

That's all I have, but what a wonderful week! We walked the beach every morning--at least 2 miles, so I came back without gaining an ounce!

Now that I'm back at home and reunited with the hubs, we are settling into the new house! God is good and we are blessed.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Home-Home, On The Range

Well, if any of our readers are still there--bless you! What a summer it has been!

It's been full of house hunting, house inspecting, buying, traveling, swimming, jet skiing, 2nd degree burns on my leg, packing, moving, BUYING a home, unpacking, and finally getting settled in our new place!!

After almost 4 months of living apart, and the stress of buying a home we were both VERY ready to be settled...and settled together!

God revealed our dream home just days after we cancelled the contract on the first house. This house had everything we could have ever wanted in our first home AND it had more acreage AND a paved driveway!

This 2nd house was not a cake walk either. The first appraisal came back almost 50k lower than the agreed sales price. Normally that's good for the buyer, BUT you can't find any house for that price amount in this area. So, after enough bargaining from our mortgage guy he was able to get us a 2nd appraisal---this one was just right.

Closing on the home was surreal. It went by so fast and handing over that cashier's check for our down payment was something I'll never forget. T and I had been saving for years and it finally paid off...literally!

The house is in Boerne which is about 20 minutes NW of San Antonio. We are in a great subdivision that has private access to the Guadalupe River. So, come on down and visit us!!

Here are some pics of the place.

* please note these are the pics the sellers took* I'll post pics of our stuff soon!

Looking from our place to our front gate

The beautiful driveway leading up to the house

The front door

The House

Garage is currently used as game room and has a pool table



Living Room


That's all I have for now, but I promise to post more soon!

The dogs and horses seem to be adjusting well and we are learning the Boerne area. I LOVE shopping at HEB again. Feels like home.

If you made it through this long post, you deserve a treat----or a free stay at Casa de Riley!