Thursday, July 16, 2015

1, 2, 3, 4

Hudson Bear is 4 months old! I'm not sure how we are already 1/4 to 12 months. Time really does fly by when you're having fun.

He continues to be THE happiest/easiest/go-with-the-flow baby EVER!

Weight: 15.13lbs (75%)

Length: 26.5inches (90%)

Eating: Still nurses every 3 hours during the day and continues to sleep well through the night (8:30-5:30)

Likes: being read to, playing with his toys, Bumbo time, playing in his standing bouncer, grabbing anything within arms reach, ROLLING over, smiling, drooling

Dislikes: He still hates to be finished with a bottle, but that's usually at day care so we don't deal with that very often :)

Watching Macy and Hudson grow and develop has been such a joy! It is so nice to have another couple to share these moments with and go to with questions. 

Looking cool in his new Babiators. He loves these sunglasses and doesn't even try to take them off when we're at the pool.

 Seersucker Sunday

Hudson had his baby dedication at church. It was such a sweet and special service to introduce H to our church family and commit raising Hudson in a Christian home. This was so important to us and we were so grateful to do it alongside our close friends that recently had babies and our parents were able to attend!

Hudson and I took a mid-week trip to Waco as we had not been since he arrived! We were way over do for a visit, and used it as an opportunity to show Hudson off to my SuSu and JimJim's friends in town.

Jackson was SO excited to see his 'Lil Hudsy' again. He played with him on the floor, always wanted to hold him or be near him and was THE greatest helper. It was so sweet. Kinley would imitate Jackson and was definitely very curious about Hudson. 


Getting ready for a swim in SuSu and JimJim's pool.

Travis and I had tickets to the Garth Brooks concert over July 4th weekend, so SuSu and JimJim jumped at the chance to watch Hudson for the weekend.

The concert was AMAZING! Hands down the best show we have ever been to. Garth might be 55, but he still knows how to entertain. Travis and I both had scratchy voices for a couple of days after the concert. So fun!

A weekend in Waco wore this little guy out!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Three for the Dough

The third month has come and gone and now we're just days away from 4!

Height: 26+ inches (best guess)

Weight: 15 pounds-ish

Clothes: 9 months for footed pjs and 3-6 for shorts, pants, and onesies. He's long and lean.

Sleeping: 8:30pm-5:30am

Likes: Eating, smiling, laughing, grabbing toys, standing up, road trips, baths

Dislikes: if he is drinking milk from a bottle, he hates when it's empty. He's THE happiest baby, so there aren't many dislikes!

This is what we did during our third month:

3 month photo shoot:

That smile. It gets us every. time. He smiles all the time, too. I specifically prayed for a happy baby, one that would be joyful, and love life. Let's be honest, I also selfishly asked for red hair and blue eyes! So far, Hudson is all of the above. My heart could just explode with happiness.

Hudson and I try to have a weekly play date with our pals Macy and Amanda. This time we hit up Babies R Us, Zoe's for lunch and tried out Macy's new pool. We had our first "swim" at Macy's house in her butterfly pool. They both tolerated it fairly well!
We also went shopping with Macy.

Graduation time! Emily and Scott graduated from high school so we went to Houston for the celebration.

Reading the commencement program. This guy was perfect during the 90 minute ceremony! He either slept or was content playing with his toys.

After work cuddles. My favorite!

Hudson survived the big floods over Memorial Day weekend. It rained 9 inches at our house.

In fact, we went to a friends house for a BBQ, and attempted leaving twice. Both times we got stuck at low water crossings. Thankfully, we have sweet friends and they let us spend the night since we were unable to get home!
 The picture above was taken when we tried leaving our friends house. Turn around don't drown.
This was taken at the Guadalupe River bridge on FM3351. The river is usually 50+ feet below the top of the bridge. Sunday morning (day after the floods) it was within 5 feet of t he top of the bridge!

This is our neighborhoods river entrance. The picture was taken standing under our covered pavillion. The river is typically 50 feet lower. In our 4 years here we have never seen the river this high, but we are so thankful for the rain!

A rare photo without his infectious smile. Sheriff Riley means business.

Daddy Day Care while the mom's went to the movies.

And that's a wrap with month 3. We're all surviving and thriving and loving life with our mini TRye!

--And that's Life With the Riley's--