Friday, July 24, 2009

Where in the world is...

Not Carmen Sandiago, but Cow #2?


How now, black cow?


It seems one of our NEW steers (as in we’ve had for 2 days) has decided to leave the Riley Ranch and head for the hills, er….another green pasture. Apparently we have an escape route we were unaware of. There is a creek that runs through the middle of our property, and he decided to walk DOWN the creek which lead to another pasture, and another pasture, and a subdivision, etc. Even the Chief of Police in our small country town is on the lookout for Cow #2. Let’s hope we find him soon, or he might become a hamburger sooner than he wanted!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Hair

Only in Waco do you see somebody getting their hair teased like this.
I could not stop laughing at this little old lady. She even asked
Richard, the hairdresser, if he could tease it more. He's been doing
her hair for 39 years and she has never let him change it!! Well, she
let's Jim move her part 1/4 of an inch per year :-).

Gotta love small town hair dos.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Welcome to the Wii Hood

Travis and I finally took the plunge and bought ourselves a Wii! I have been wanting one forever and Travis bought one for us yesterday. We played for almost 4 straight hours and today my right arm is quite sore from playing: baseball, golf, bowling, Mario Kart, and boxing. I think the boxing match really did me in. I actually broke a sweat boxing, but I WON!!! I’m working on my pro status right now…ha.


Next on our list is to buy the Wii Fit and the new Rock Band that comes out later this month with country songs!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Working from Home

I was given the privilege of working from home ALL day on Monday and half a day on Tuesday. This was really just a trial to see how it would work since I live 50 miles away and because my job is basically 95% on the phone and the other portion of my day is emailing or chatting with our participants. I was nervous that something would go entirely wrong and I’d have to come in to work, or that I’d be stuck without any resources and wouldn’t be able to help our participants.


Well, it was a HUGE success. I mean I had a couple of hiccups on Monday, but overall it was a ginormous success. I fell in love with working from the casa. I could seriously get used to it. Too bad it will probably only be implemented on inclement (snow) weather days. Oh well. Praise the Lord that I am gainfully and happily employed during this job market. I mean, I really love the people I work with and we have a great time whilst at work (playing Farkle, throwing balls at each other, wearing the same dress on the same day, GS Games, etc.) BUT having the ability to be in your own home, not having to put make up on, not sitting in 1 ounce of traffic, it was bliss.  Pure and utter bliss.


Here are MY PROS for working at home:

1.      I was able to sleep in 2.5 hours longer than normal

2.      I did not have to put makeup on

3.      I was able to wear my workout clothes

4.      I was able to work-out during lunch

5.      I was more relaxed being in a comfortable and more peaceful environment

6.      I saved 84 miles on tires, gas, etc.

7.      It saved me 2 hours of driving/sitting in Dallas traffic

8.      I was able to see the hubs who has been traveling like crazy lately


Here are MY CONS for working at home:

1.      I was away from all of my fabulous co-workers who I get along with SO well

2.      I did not have access to my files on my desk, but did online



So, you can see that the pros easily outweigh the cons. Now, I think I would get bored if I worked from home every day, but I think it would be great to have the ability to work from home once a week, month, etc. With that said, Thank You to my awesome employer for even allowing me to test the remote log-in from home. I highly recommend it in the event we have another snow day or just because J


The End.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Who said work wasn't fun?

Me and 2 other co-workers realized we all had the same dress (in different colors) from Target and planned to wear them all on the same day. We are cute. I know.

We wore the dresses on Thurdsay and had an afternoon photo session to show off our matching dresses.

TPG, Morgan, and Me

Morgan, Me and TPG

It also appears that this dress was worn by a famous actress: Kate Winslet was sported at Wimbledon last week wearing this dress. It looks very similar to our cute Target purchase. She's probably wearing the designer version of the dress (if there is one), but I prefer to think that she also shops at Target.

You can have one too for just $24.99. Thank you Target for making this uberly comfortable and cheap dress. It might wrinkle easily, but it's light and loose which is important in this 103 degree weather we are having.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I survived the Frio

Well, I officially survived the 1st annual co-ed frio trip. We had an absolutely amazing time with our friends in the beautiful hill country.
The river was a little low, but we were still able to float most of the time. The guys have a tradition of 'posting up' (official guy term) at the waterfall and hanging out there for a couple of hours, so our floats lasted about 5 hours per day (we floated on Friday and Saturday). Since the water level low the usually frigid Frio River was the perfect temperature- not too cold and not too hot. I managed to also leave the weekend with no sunburn! Hurray!!! We were all good about lathering up before and during the float (such responsible adults we are...ha!).
We finished each float by grilling burgers over the fire and having smores at night. Mmm Mmm Good.  I was expecting to have late nights and wake up very tired, but since we're not getting any younger we all went to bed by 11. Apparently we can't hang like we used to. I even managed to have quiet time in the mornings and go on some nice runs.  There is just nothing more perfect than being in the God's country and listening to the sounds of nature while running down the country roads. It is a great feeling.  
We've already starting planning next years trip and all of us gals have vowed to not have any babies by then so that we can still go! One of our couple friends was not able to come this year due to having a handsome young man, Russell Harwell, in December. We cannot wait for them to join us next year for the trip and Russell can stay with his grandparents!
I hope y'all had a wonderful 4th of July holiday with your family and friends!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

You're a Grand Ole Flag, You're a High Flying Flag...

We are headed to Leakey, Texas this weekend to celebrate the 4th of July. We have rented a house with 16 other friends (mostly Travis’ fraternity brothers and their wives) to float the Frio River, relax, eat, enjoy God’s word in the heart of the Hill Country, fellowship with good friends, and enjoy this wonderful freedom that we are blessed with in this country.


I hope everybody enjoys their 4th of July holiday with their friends and family.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Art of Exotic Dance

Yes, you read that correctly. I put the words Art, Exotic, and Dance in the same sentence.
This past weekend I attended the bachelorette party of one of my closest friends and former college roommates, Abigail 'Abbie' Cooper. We celebrated her last weekend of single-hood in Austin. 10 girls and 1 guy arrived in Austin on Saturday afternoon for an evening o' fun.
Our afternoon started with a 90 minute exotic dance class. WOW. I did not realize how much work goes in to dancing exoticly. I mean, I am still sore today and it's Wednesday morning! We learned how to do the walking drag, dancing with a boa, and the most embarassing of all: floorplay. That's right we were crawling across the floor on our hands and knees in a sexual manner. My knees are definitely bruised, but it suer was fun to watch.
We ended our  lesson by pairing up and performing dances for Abbie. I paired up with my bestie, Erin, and we did a routine to 4 Minutes by Madonna. It was horrible and I could not keep a straight face during our 'performance'. I concentrated on 'floorplay' while Erin did moves with her pink boa. Hilarious is a good word to describe our actions.
At least I can say I tried it and I know I do not have a future in that career. Not that I ever thought I did, but I am definitely a white girl with NO rhythm.
Thanks for a great weekend!