Thursday, June 27, 2013

Welcome To The Jungle

Our precious nephew, Jackson, turned 3 in May and we spent the weekend in Waco celebrating his birthday with a party the zoo, lunch at Poppa Rollos (major yum), and a family dinner at JimJim and SuSu's house!

I love going home! Such a sweet welcome...literally, there was a fresh batch of brownies.

Party Time:

White headed Gibbons. These guys were talking up a storm!

Feeding the fish with SuSu.

JimJim and Ainsley. This was her first trip to the zoo!

Time for cake!

T and I got to spend the afternoon with the Davis' at their new pool! Unfortunately I got pretty sunburned the day before, so I only put my feet in. Karlie loved showing off her swimming skills!

We would do anything for these sweet girls. Love them to pieces!

All together! This was my first time seeing Trent since September! It has never felt so good hugging my brother. Can't believe he's about to be a dad again in a few short weeks.

Mom and dad brought out some old photo albums on Sunday. Hello 1980s:

Mom, dad, and Trent circa 1978

Robin and Trent. She was one of our favorite babysitters and might as well be family!

We had a fun-filled weekend in Waco and can't wait to see family again when Kinley arrives!

Happy Birthday Jackson Dean!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Saturday Night in Del Rio

Last weekend we took a road trip to the little border town of Del Rio to visit one of my most favorite friends in the world, Cody. She and I met in the summer of 1999 ( when the Spurs won the Natl Championship) working at Laity Lodge Youth Camp (send your children here. It really is the best 2 weeks of their lives filled with fun, food, and Christ!). We became fast friends and were in each others weddings. Just love this girl!

Cody and her hubs, Michael, have a beautiful house in town and an absolutely gorgeous and ginormous ranch about an hour outside of town (still in TX--no crossing the border on this trip).

Saturday morning the boys herded sheep. They found this little guy that got separated from his mom. We got to love on him before they took him to his new home where he will be bottle fed and loved on!

I thought about bringing this cute guy home, but the thought of waking every 3 hours to feed him was unappealing.

Some ranch views:

Somewhere along this path we encountered a rattlesnake. I had just told the group 'I'd like to see a rattlesnake'...little did I know Michael would almost step on the snake. Travis and Michael disposed of the rattler and he will no longer be able  to bother anybody.

Their ranch is full of bumper gates which means you just use the grill guard on your truck to push on thru. I love it, because the passenger doesn't have to do get out and open all the gates.

I did it!

We had a wonderful time relaxing, talking, and catching up on life. We love the Gruenwald's and can't wait to go see them again!

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