Thursday, September 18, 2014

Life Is Good Today

The Huey's headed back to The Beach Club in Gulf Shores, AL in August. This was the first time we had all been in 5 years!!

It was a nice treat to all be together for an entire week.


This view never gets old.


We had some BIG news to share the night we arrived. T put the shirt on Jackson before we went to check out the beach for the first time.
Kourtny noticed immediately.
Trent couldn't figure out why Kourt was so excited.
SuSu and JimJim noticed as soon as we got on the elevator.

It was a fun and exciting way to start our trip!

There was no shortage of super heroes in our condo!

That's one cute batman :-)

TRye and Jax looking for fish.

JimJim and Kinley. Could his smile be any cuter? He loves his family!

SuSu is pretty content with Kinley, too!
Getting buried in the sand

Nat loves Jax and Kinley

TRye loves his Kinley

Me and my daddy.

Kourtny was our photog for the week. She did an excellent job!

Little Riley update:

--15 weeks along
--I'm beginning to feel more human now that I'm taking some medication. I still feel nauseated most days, but the puking is minimal.
--weight gain: since I've been so sick, I've actually lost weight. So far I'm down 10lbs.
--cravings: none. I'm lucky if I get hungry.
--maternity clothes: still in all of my regular garb due to being sick! I haven't done any shopping for new clothes, but SuSu has picked up some shirts for me.
--Gender: we will find out 10/23 unless I have time at work to find out sooner (perks of being an L&D nurse!).

Exciting times in the Riley house! We are thrilled/blessed/ honored that we've been given the opportunity to become parents. We would love your prayers over the coming months as we embark on becoming a family of 3!

And that's Life With the Riley's--