Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Going Going

back back to Cali Cali SCHOOL SCHOOL.


That's right, effective 1-10-2011 I quit my wonderful job at GS where i worked for appx. 4.5 years, made some fabulous friends, and learned a whole lot of useful information. In fact, I took over 44,000 calls during my time there (this is why my phone is always on silent...can't stand to hear it ring!). I hated to say goodbye, in fact, I didn't even say goodbye to everybody because it was too hard...instead I sent a mass goodbye email to the room.

I am now fortunate enough to be a full time student pursuing a degree in Nursing. In approximately 2.5 years I will be a R.N.. This has been a dream of mine for several years, and Trav and I were able to make that dream a reality.

I am taking 14 hours this semster:
Anatomy and Physiology I--lots of memorization in this class, with a throwback to high school Chemistry
Microbiology-- so stinkin' hard and a lot of homework (reports, case studies, journals, labs, etc.)
Developing Psychology--online class--so far so good
Statistics- really awful teacher. He wears jeans, Under Armour shirt, and dew rag each day and says the word 'honestly' and 'you know' at least 200 times in the 80 minutes I'm in class.

It is a little weird going back to college at almost 30, but I feel that I have a different grasp on college and a much better idea of how to study and I definitely have the time for it now! In case you were curious:  The new trend in college students is to wear sweat pants with Uggs or flip flops with your favorite t-shirt, not to brush your hair, and lather on the eye liner/mascara/eye shadow. I have not joined this trend, but I do love wearing jeans and sneakers to class each day!

I could use all the prayers I could get this semester as I return to 'college mode', attempt to pass Micro, and  tackle my way to becoming a nurse and fulfilling my dream!

Friday, January 21, 2011

I Wanna Rock!

The first weekend in December is always reserved for the Dallas White Rock Marathon. Usually, my brother and I run the half with my dad, but this year neither of us stepped to the challenge so my sweet dad ran the race 'alone'.

Travis and I had been given tickets to a Dallas Stars game the evening before the race, so we took advantage of the situation and spent the night in the city!

We met my mom at mile 3 to look/cheer for dad and we got there and were able to see him breeze on by!

After mile 3 Travis was ready for some breakfast, so we drove by Krispy Kreme and T ordered himself a DOZEN donuts...he ate 5...yes, 5 sugary fried pieces of dough and the other 7 he passed out to runners! Can you believe we had people take him up on his crazy, yet hilarious offer? I believe it was around mile 8 that he was passing these out.

We then met my dad at the finish line where he finished the grueling 13.1 miles in below freezing temps in 2 hours 20 minutes! I think that's pretty incredible for a 61 year old. Way to go JimDaddy! Next year I will be back in the race and Travis even said he would run....

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

So This Is Christmas

Christmas 2010 was our Huey Christmas and was spent at my parents house in Fort Worth.

We were able to spend Thursday through Sunday and got to witness our precious nephew, Jackson, experience his first Christmas. So so fun!

We all had a wonderful time together....just wish I had actually taken pictures.

I know I mentioned having Jackson over Christmas was fun, but the real highlight was seeing the expression on my dad's face when he got his gift from mom: a Trek road bike!

Dad started running daily in 2001 and has now decided he liked to start biking to "save" his knees. Mom had been telling dad a bike was not in the picture, but little did he know she had been to the bike shop in Fort Worth and got a special bike for dad!!

He road 7 miles the first day and I don't think the grin ever left his face. It was precious! Not sure if I have ever seen him this giddy.

Daddy riding down the street

One very happy JimDaddy

We had a wonderful and special Christmas with the Huey side and celebrated with the Riley's a few weeks later!