Monday, May 19, 2014

They Call the thing Rodeo

It wouldn't be our wedding anniversary if we didn't spend it at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.

We've been going for 5 years...why not make it 6?!?!

Go ahead. Raise your eyebrows and squinch that nose wondering why we'd spend our anniversary at a rodeo.

Well, we happen to LOVE rodeos, concerts, and being with some of our most favorite people in the world!

Mr. Riley has been working non-stop on a huge project and I am counting the days until nursing school is over. We NEEDED this getaway. Time to unwind and not thing about work or school. We were in desperate need of some good old fashioned quality time with each other and our favorite friends.

We started the weekend at the HLSR Lamb & Goat auction where the grand champion sold for a mere $250,000! For that price you get one lamb. One! Thankfully, all the proceeds benefit scholarships for FFA kiddos that show their animals and the buyers get a nice tax write-off for helping the kids! (note to self: future baby Riley's WILL be in FFA and show animals)

We took a break from the auction to walk around the fair (really, Erin was getting hangry and I wanted to ride the ferris wheel).

 (Yes, I know the photos are turned on their sides. I tried numerous times to rotate and blogger just won't have it).

You know you have the world's best BFF when they take a day off of work to spend at the fair.

Mr. and Mrs. Riley.

Stephen joined us for the concert. 
(Still crooked, I know...just tilt your head to the right)

Rebecca also took the day off work to play, too! Do we have the best friends or what?!?!

Kellye was the reason we went to the auction. She was buying animals for her BBQ committee.

Saturday we were back at it. Auction. Concert. Rodeo. However, it Stacy's outdoor concert.
Thankfully, we all had umbrellas and we don't melt in the rain.
The Committeeman.

Mr. Lawlis and Mr. Riley displaying their love for The Chive. KCCO.

Mr. Lawlis, Me, Re, and Kellye at some super secret EAC post rodeo shindig. So fun!

And just like that the weekend was over. Always fun. Always hard to leave, but we'll be back to celebrate #7 next year.

And that's Life With the Riley's--