Monday, August 20, 2012

Wild Horses

If you've been to our house you know that while we have a few acres, it's not necessarily the best land for riding horses.

Travis has been itching to jump back in the saddle and ride, but we didn't know of any arenas (or the right people) to go riding. Well, Travis and his entrepreneurial spirit had the guts to call the Kendall County Fair Association to see if he could utilize their facilities. All they could say is no...right?!?!

Much to our surprise they said YES and that he can ride anytime for FREE! How awesome is that? It never hurts to ask y'all. Lesson learned.

As soon as he got the ok, we loaded up our truck and trailer and headed out to the fairground for an afternoon ride.

Doesn't Travis look good on a horse? I think so!

Watcha Gonna Do With A Cowboy

Have you ever been to a Ranch Rodeo? Yea, well we hadn't either until it made a stop in Boerne.

It is SO much fun and oh so different from your normal radio. The usual events you see at a rodeo (bull riding, barrel racing, roping, etc) are not found at a ranch rodeo. Here, you have events such as wild cow milking (can you saw ouch?), rescue races, steer loading, and hide races.

It was an action packed- high intensity evening. If you have a chance to attend a ranch rodeo, you won't be disappointed!

Get Yourself A Koozie, Let's Go!

In July we joined some of the Riley cousins at the family lake house on Horseshoe Bay.

The entire theme of these weekends is: Relax and enjoy the sun.

We took the boat ( and by that i mean the 'Papa' pontoon boat) and jet skis out, swam in the pool, ate, ate, and ate some more! There were no alarm clocks set and we all got to sleep in as late as we wanted.

We ended the weekend by taking a group trip to eat at Cooper's BBQ in Llano. It was such a fun weekend with the Riley clan...on the pontoon.