Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Oh, Thank Heaven...for 7 Months

7 Months:

Weight: 17.1 on 10/9 and 18.14 on 10/28

Height: hovering around 30 inches

Feeding: still having bottles every 4 hours (7oz) and baby food with the 11 and 3 feedings

Sleeping: 7p-7a and 2 naps during the day. One nap is usually better than the other. He always wakes up happy and now standing up ready for us to get him.

Likes: food, crawling, pulling up, standing up, stroller rides, being worn in the Tula, playing with toys

Dislikes: he just started getting fussy when he is put into his car seat. He's fine after he's buckled in. He's also recently become a wild man when changing his clothes/diaper.

Hudson had a scheduled surgery on 10/9 to correct a mild case of Hypospadias. They did a chordee repair and circumcision (so glad that's finally done!!).

Hudson did so great and recovery was a cinch. He didn't nee many pain meds and was back to his normal self just hours after the procedure.

Waiting for Hudson to wake up. He was so sweet.

As soon as we got home he was ready to play!

SuSu makes everything better. We're so glad she made the trip to help us with his recovery.

The baby on the left looks just Ike Hudson, right?!?!
You also probably think it's Travis...wrong. It's his cousin, Ellen!!

Those Riley genes are strong!!

Headed to church just two days after his surgery.

Life is more fun when you can stand!

My grocery shopping pal.

Cheering on the Cubs in the playoffs.

What's a monthly post without a picture of our best gal pal, Macy?

We had the privilege of watching Macy so her parents could celebrate their anniversary at Kyle Field watching the Aggies take on Alabama.

Such a fun day with these two. We even took them both to a retirement party for one of the doctors I work with.

Skeleton Hudson. Thanks for the cute outfit, Tobi!

Morning snuggles with mom.

We ventured up to Waco for Baylor Homecoming. Most of the usual events (bonfire and parade) were cancelled due to flooding rains. SuSu took one for the team and stayed home with Hudson so we could go to the football game.

After the game we had to visit The Davis family. Karlie was so excited to see Hudson! Hudson clearly thought the same as he wouldn't stop smiling at her and crawled all over their living room.

The last weekend in October we had a Riley family wedding in Tyler.

We dropped Hudson off in Waco, and we had a kid free weekend and got to sleep in. Thank you JimJim and SuSu!!

Per the recommendation of our friends, we had lunch at Stanley's BBQ.

It did not disappoint. If you're ever in Tyler make sure you try it out. We had the brother in law and Mother Clucker.


Wedding fun!

Hudson Crockett! Cita and Pops gave Hudson this fun coonskin hat. I foresee lots of fun with this!

A real Hudson Bear on Halloween!

My favorite firefighter.

We love you so much Hudson and look forward to see how you grow and develop in month 8!

and that's Life with the Riley's