Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another Friday Night

Last Friday night we headed out to Funky Town to celebrate Travis' birthday and the end of tax season (one friend is a CPA) with some friends.

Nothing like a self-portrait while getting ready to go. I was actually ready before Travis was!

We started the evening eating at the new Coopers BBQ and then headed across the street to hear Chris Knight play at Billy Bob's.

The boys: Blake, Matt, Trey, and Travis

Me and Rach

THE Chris Knight-the boys are obsessed with him. This was the first time the wives were allowed to attend a Christ Knight concert with them.

The boys thoroughly enjoying themselves.
Rachel and I decided to be the DD's for our guys so they could be sure and fully enjoy the concert...and boy did they.  When the concert was over Rachel and I ran 200+ yards in the pouring rain to get our cars and go pick up the boys who were dry and waiting at the door.

It was a great Friday night with friends!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A real Manic Monday

What started off as a great Monday ended horribly, horribly wrong. I had a fantastic day at work, not too busy and not too slow...just right. I even got in some quality studying time for Psychology (I had a test coming up). My usual routine is to change into my workout clothes before leaving the office. Joel (my carpool buddy) and I head home for the day and I begin contemplating 'Do I want to go workout or do I want to just go straight home and take my test early for school?". I decided I'd be a good student and go home and take my test and save the gym for later.

Ok, so fast forward about 40 minutes to when I am about 1/4 of a mile from the house. I have just turned off Hwy. 380 and I'm headed south on FM 720. I put my blinker on early (as I always do bc people fly down this one lane road) and I begin to turn into our drive way. There was a little blue Pizza Hut delivery car behind me and a white Explorer behind that. Well, apparently the Explorer was not paying attention and when trying to avoid hitting Mr. Pizza Hut he decided he would veer off the road and into the grass/ditch. This caused the Explorer to hit me exactly as I was turning in the driveway. He hit the right-front corner of my car and the front bumper goes flying about 15 feet on the other side of me and the Explorer goes all the way through our brick pillar that holds a gate and a metal fence. WOW. I was in complete shock. scared. shaken up. I called Travis and told him that I got in a wreck in our front yard and to come up.

The Good Part:
 1. Noboday was hurt. not a single one of us or any of our horses. I know it sounds petty to mention the horses, but they are expensive and worth more than my car. HA!
 2. The other driver had insurance and everything will be covered...even paying to fix our broken fence
 3. Had my car been a few inches further into our drive way my car would have been damaged far worse than what it was and I probably would have been hurt.
4. My sweet and wonderful husband was there to take care of EVERYTHING. He is my rock and so incredible. I love him
5. My precious husband wrote his own estimate on the cost to fix our fence. awesome. I love him even more for this....

The Bad Part:
1. My car, Barney, is my pal. I've had him for 5 years and we have logged over 136,000 miles together. We spend 2 hours together every day. He lost his face last night and is in need of a face lift. Unfortunately, he's not worth much and I really don't want him to be totaled. Our goal was to drive him until he dies...he's not dead, just injured.
My precious Barney and his front bumper
2. The other driver is going to be grounded for a very long time. His daddy was NOT very happy when he came to the scene. I hope he's ok. :)

His Car and the old fence, gate, and brick pillar
So, that was my the end to my nice Monday. It took over 2 hours for the State Trooper (who was awesome) and the tow truck guys to get everything squared away. So, I didn't get inside until 9 to take my test, but I passed and got a decent grade! At least next time when I'm wondering what to do, the decision to workout will win that race. Hands down!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cold Hearted Snake

Look what the in-law’s found at the ranch?!?!?!


Yuck-o. Say no to Rattlesnakes.


Mr. Snake was hanging out in the firewood pile and my sweet father-in-law (FIL) found him when he was moving some of the wood! SCARY! I think I would have screamed a little. Ok. A LOT. Thankfully my resourceful FIL let Mr. Snake go to snake heaven and he is no longer a visitor at the Riley Ranch.



I will now be wearing my boots when I go to Llano. No more flip flops for this gal! I guess that’s why my motto is Safety First.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

All in a days work

This past Monday I had the honor of accompanying my hubs to work. So
off we went to East Texas (Sulphur Springs). We had 5 houses to look
at, so our morning was booked.

The first house was a smaller one story with a fairly flat roof so I
climbed on up with hubs. I even got to help draw the roof and look for
damage. Go me!

The 2nd and 3rd houses were not that interesting so I stayed in the
truck and read my book. Side note: you have got to read Lone Survivor.
It's about a Navy SEAL being the only survivor through a terrible
fight in Afghanistan. It's a true story, too!

On to the 4th house we go. For my own safety and well being I opted to
stay in the truck. This place was a little bit sketchy. I mean,
several pit bulls tied up and angrily barking, lots of old car parts
and bikes rotting and rusting in the yard, a moldy double wide, and a purple ice
cream truck that had its windows knocked out. Scary. I locked the
doors when hubs got out and put my wedding rings in the console. I pretended to read my book, but was watching my surroundings. I even spotted a hammer in the pocket of the passenger door of hubs' truck and I was prepared to use it if necessary. I'm pretty sure there was gang paraphenalia on the property, too. We got in and out of there pretty quick! Safe and sound. phew.

The 5th house was back in DFW, McKinney. This was a larger home with an extremely tall and steep roof. I elected not to climb this one, but I did hold that ladder for hubs. You can see him below. He couldn't even walk on the roof, climbing only on this steep sucker.

Thanks hubs for putting your fear of heights aside for your career! You are loved and appreciated very much!