Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let's Go Surfin' Now

While trying to think of a song lyric for this blog title, I realized we don't have a single Beach Boy's song in our music library!?!?

I grew up listening and knowing all the words to their songs. I've been to several of their concerts, and I'm a little disappointed that I've never downloaded any of their tunes.

I digress.

We were invited to join Travis' parents at the coast (Surfside) for a weekend. We jumped at the invite to enjoy a weekend of sun, sand, seafood, and relaxation.

We arrived late Friday night and this was the view from our room.

Morning view.

Didn't snag a single pic of our yummy seafood dinner, but trust me when I saw it was divine. In fact, I think Travis is still dreaming of his blackened red fish meal. It was that good!

On our drive home, the directions had us go through Wharton, Texas. It's the home of Don Elliott Autoworld. He happens to be my dads BFF and Travis had never seen Wharton or his dealership.

--And that's Life With the Riley's--