Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Down Home

When we bought our house we knew we had one big project to complete: building a fence along either side of the driveway to A).prevent the horses from getting out of the front gate and B). Keep them from getting on our front porch.

We knew this was going to be a very labor intensive project, but would save us a lot of moola.

T designed our fence plans and we marked the placements for the posts, bought what seemed like a million cedar posts, metal posts, the wire fencing, and barbed wire. Oh, and about 50 80lb bags of concrete--I mixed each one.

One of T's subcontractors volunteered to come out and drill our holes...for FREE!!! What a blessing and big surprise.

The Hill Country is BEAUTIFUL, but also has lots of rock. I mean lots! It made drilling holes a little difficult, so we did hire an additional hole driller and got it done.

Then comes stretching fence. Over 1000 feet of fence and barbed wire.

Oh, we hired a welder because we're not welders. Notice his patriotic mask!

Sloan visited us on the porch a few times while the fence was under construction.

She looks pretty cute up there, right? What's not so cute is that she broke a table, knocked the rocking chairs over, and ate our plants.

The grass in our "front yard" also suffered. Before on the left and after on the right.

All done! A little over a week ago we finally finished the entire project!
It took a little over 2 years (no, we didn't work on it every weekend) and we saved over $6,000 doing it ourselves!! WooHoo!

What do y'all think of our fence?

--And that's Life With the Riley's--

Friday, August 9, 2013

Oh Happy Day

July 19, 2013

Kinley Rose Huey made her grand entrance into the world and made TRye and I an Uncle and Aunt again!!

She is perfect.

A spitting image of Jackson when he was a newborn.

Happy Birthday sweet Kinley!

Doesn't Kourtny look amazing? That's one beautiful momma and baby!

Jackson meeting his sister for the first time.

One happy big brother!

JimJim loving on Kinley.

Going home.

My brother and his little girl!

One of my friends made this awesome canvas banner for Kinley. Isn't it great?

We are overjoyed to have a niece in our lives! We love her to pieces and can't wait to watch her grow.
Welcome to the world Miss. Kinley Rose!

Take Me Down To The River

My mom and 3 of her best friends came to visit us in July. They had never been to Boerne and I really wanted to show them what a great town/area that we live in!

The first evening we hosted them to a dinner at our house. Travis scored some MAJOR brownie points by listening to 4 women have hours of girl talk...some of which I don't think he will ever forget! We laughed until we cried that night.

It was a great start to a fun, fun time with life-long friends!

Lunch at Bumdoodler's wouldn't be complete without pie. We all bought t-shirts, too!

I took them all for their first ever float down the Guadalupe! I think we all had a great time.

While I was in class during the day, they ate at our fav, Bear Moon, and did some damage shopping on Main Street.

Keren got this awesome sign at the Corner Cartel. So cute!!

I LOVED having these special ladies visit and I sincerely hope we can make this an annual time bringing their girls!

Here's to planning the 2014 Boerne girls trip!

I'm Diving In

The Riley Lake house was calling our names again, so we headed up 281 to spend the weekend with family.

As soon as we arrived, we loaded up our towels, sunscreen, snacks and drinks and took the boat to the sandbar.

It's in a cove of LBJ where the water is knee-waist high and people anchor their boats and hang out for the afternoon. So fun and makes for some great people watching.
Travis loves to bring our Polish Horseshoe set. Such a fun game and everybody always LOVES to play!

Polish Horseshoes at the sandbar.

Sunset cruise around the lake. Most definitely my favorite part of being at the lake.
God's artwork is beautiful! Simply perfection.

Emily and I.

Kellye, Emily, and Scott.