Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Giddy Up Giddy Up 409

I like to consider myself a brave person most of the time. Living in the country you never know what you are going to come across. This is why we have a loaded shotgun next to the bed. We sound like rednecks, but I promise we aren't.

I recently had a run-in with a 4 foot long water moc. in the backyard while going to feed the dogs. What did I do? I pretended to throw things at it so it would slither away, but he wasn't afraid of me. He just sat there and played dead. I gave up and went inside and when I came to check an hour later he was no where to be found. So, the rest of the night I was terrified he was going to crawl up the toilets, so I did what any brave girl would do and close the lids with books. It's o.k. to laugh at me.

The next morning I get ready to leave for work and there is an 8 inch long lizard hanging on to the inside part of our screen door. I slammed the door, re-opened it and was armed with one of our horse's training sticks. I tried knocking the lizard off and he almost ran inside. I slammed the door again and called it a loss with the reptile and left for work out the back door.

A few days later I encounter the same problem with the lizard. This time, I didn't want to feel defeated and only safe exiting and entering through the back door, so I grabbed my trusty bottle of 409 and squirted the guy until he was completely covered. He didn't move. I grabbed the horse training stick again and touched him ever so lightly and he fell onto the ground leaving an imprint of his 409 soaked body on the deck. I left for work thinking I had won this battle, but when I came home he was no where to be found. I found him a day later laying in the dirt, but haven't seen him on the porch since.

I'm considering this a victory against that little guy and I have now reclaimed my front porch and door!

If you were wondering where Travis was when these shenanigans were taking place: Chicago. I sent him a picture asking for help and I could hear him laughing from Illinois.

I'll mess with the horses, dogs, spiders, and roaches, but I do NOT do any kind of reptiles. Gross.

To any future reptile thinking of messing with me: Watch Out--I'm prepared with 409...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Kiss Me In The Dark

Back in June we bought tickets to attend the Margarita and Salsa Festival in Waco. These weren't your average tickets...these were the big VIP tickets and a night full of fun, food, drinks and excellent music provided by Wade Bowen, Randy Rogers Band, and the Eli Young Band. If you know my hubby then you'll know he's a little on the frugal side, so getting him to spring for the nicer tickets was a big deal.

Well, luck would have it that when it was time for the concert he was stuck in Chicago working a storm. I was sad that he wouldn't get to see some of our favorite people in Waco and miss out on a fun night and lose money from the ticket, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from going and having a good time. So, I made the solo trek down to Waco and my sweet friend Marci allowed me to tag along with her for the evening.

Even though the food wasn't great...or just not enough of the food...we still had a great time. We lucked out and our table was right next to a huge fan and we were kept cool the entire evening. Marci surprised me with a backstage pass and I actually got to meet all three bands! Thank you, Marci (and Kyle)!!

Eli Young Band

Randy Rogers Band

Wade Bowen

Pam and Marci

It was a wonderful evening and hopefully we will both be able to attend next year!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Shower The People You Love With Love

A had the honor of co-hosting a shower for my sweet friend Katie Hagemeier Justice. She was my cube-mate at work for a little over 3 years and when she got married to her hubby, Chad Justice, he whisked her away to his new office location in Orlando, Florida.

I went from seeing her everyday 10 hours a day to going over 12 months without seeing her. Thankfully we were able to talk alot via email and numerous phone dates.

Katie and Chad are expecting their first child in November. Her name will be Avri Marie Justice. Isn't that cute?

We held the shower at the yummy Breadwinners in Dallas. It is a must-have for brunch locations in the DFW area.

Katie and her fabulous cupcakes from The Cupcakery

The adorable diaper cake

Katie and her Dallas gals

I can't wait for November to get here so that I can meet sweet Avri Marie! I know Chad and Katie are going to be the best parents and they already love her so much.